Double 9 Patch

At the beginning of this year, I started this quilt. I cut and sewed the top in a very short time (only some days) and now it’s being quilted. The pattern is taking some time. It’s taking months. But I think I’ll be finished this year ;-)
My sewing machine is capable of machine quilting, but I like to handquilt. I only use machine quilting when making bags, because it shows more clearly and the soft look of handquilting doesn’t stand out enough on a bag. (For my taste)

And I used regular cotton fabrics and old bed sheets in this quilt, and a cotton batting, so it’s not as easy to quilt as a quilt with only expensive patchwork fabrics and a thin poly batting. I love patchwork fabrics and their colours and designs – but it feels more “authentic” to me to cut up old garments and reuse fabric. And the quilts do have a different “feel” to them.
The blue fabric is new, from IKEA.

double nine patch2

double nine patch

2 thoughts on “Double 9 Patch

  1. REPLY:
    Thats funny, because I’ve always handquilted quilts but never hand swen a binding.
    I saw a video on about sewing on binding completely by machine and it looks really good.
    I just can’t remember which video it was – I think Elisa Wilson was in it.

  2. The quilt is beautiful and I’m impressed with the handquilted feathers. I’ve never tried that myself. I get stuck on hand sewing my bindings :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be back.

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