I love my sewing machine

The advantage of starting a new blog is being able to talk about things over again. This is a praise of my sewing machine. I got it last fall, when I had been sewing regularly for one year already and decided I deserve a good machine.
Then I found out that good machines are very very expensive. I set myself a limit of 500 Euros. (500.00 EUR = 780.25 USD) I tested some machines within that price range and wasn’t satisfied. The Pfaff Machine cost 800 and was way too loud. The brother machine would have been nicer, but I didn’t like the “pink plastic cancy” design.
I was lucky when my mother came to visit me and we were searching ebay for used machines, what I did a lot last fall. We came across an old Bernina 707 minimatic. That’s exactly the machine my mother had bought herself in the 70ies, and she said I should bid on it, offering that she could take the machine for herself if I wouldn’t like it.
So I bid and won the auction. After 3 days, it arrived, had been safely packed for shipping and it turned out to be a wonderful sewing machine, with a very silent, softly humming motor and enough power to pierce nearly anything that I manage to stuff under the presser foot.

der traum meiner schlaflosen nächte

I do so love this machine!

It's a bernina minimatic 707

The only thing I find a bit tricky is thread tension. After two weeks I messed around with the tension screw on the bobbin and I have to “tune” the tension more often than I had to do when I was sewing on the cheap brother beginner machine, but the good thing about this: Now I know how to set the thread tension on my machine. (After reading many articles on tension) ;-)

I made some lavender bags today (and yesterday) :-)


3 thoughts on “I love my sewing machine

  1. I’ve been interested in this machine myself, could you tell me if it’s heavy? The 730 is apparently 35 pounds!! But I heard this one is lighter and more portable.
    Congratulations, I’ve heard they’re great machines!

  2. Hi Claire,

    This blog is just a “try out” blog, please come over to http://vaude.twoday.net :-)

    To answer your question, the machine is also quite heavy, because the parts are all metal. Compared to a modern plastic beginners machine, like a small brother machine, it’s very heavy. I have no scale at home, but I would estimate it s weight at about 5 kg.

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