Found something new

I found a crafty weblog, Tiny Happy and the very first (on looking again, the second) photo was showing a magazine page, a woman is holding a towel or piece of cloth with “All I want for xmas is an Anarcho feminisit Revolution” embroidered on it.
To be precise, here.

The article seems to be about something called “Craftivism”. I want to know what that is.

I, too, would like an Anarcho-Feminist Revolution ;-)
In Germany, many people still think that anarchy has something to do with throwing bombs, violence and terrorism. I don’t know about other places in the world.
For me, it’s got nothing to do with it – Anarchy is just about people making decisions concerning their own business by themselves. I make my own decisions, and when I and my friend would live in a house, we would together make the decisions for our house. And the community finds ways of making community decisions for themselves and so on. Therefore you can’t just “do what you want” in anarchy, humans are social beings and so they must find out what they want as a community, too. Many people think anarchy is “no one tells me what to do.” That’s correct, but instead you tell yourselves (as a community) what to do. Just like democracy, only that it’s more direct.
I don’t want to convert anyone to become an anarchist, just trying to explain a bit, after all it’s in the name of my blog and might scare someone?

I spend a great evening today after receiving a spontaneous invitation by a good friend to go out and stuff ourselves with sushi. After that we went to her house and did some webdesigning stuff – I tried out her new graphic tablet and it’s really good. And I tried to take a picture of Ayers Rock, but Ayers Rock turned around his head to look at me and suddenly didn’t look like Ayers Rock any more, but more like a cat.


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