Street Art Walk

Today I took my bike to the best favourite bike shop for a pre-tour-checkup, and because they had to do lots of things with it again, I decided to do some bookkeeping at work. after a few hours I was done with that and took a walk through Kreuzberg, taking pictures of street art.

Street Art: A 3D house installed on a house facade, it has a mouth with teeth and an eyeball and a sun on its tongue.

This is at Kottbusser Tor. I walked here many times, but I never noticed this 3D house sculpture that was installed there. It’s way above eye level, so you have to look up and around yourself to even notice it.
Below the sculpture was another, bigger piece of street art, a face. I had noticed the face earlier, but not the small 3D figures on its side!

a painted face with small white human figures on the side, they are three dimensional

I can’t really see what they are doing, they look like they climb up the facade of that house. the face seems to be “big brother” from the film “1984” made after George Orwell’s novel of the same name? No, I looked it up, it’s not that face.

This one is funny:

the infamous 1up Crew has made a huge piece on a nearby house and wrote on it: -Don't be gentle, it's a rental

at Prinzenstrasse, there is a car rental called “Robben und Wientjes”. It’s one of the most well-known car rental places, especially for moving house, because you can rent small trucks for a few bucks. They are called “‘ne Robbe” in Berlin, which means “seal” and a seal is also the logo of Robben and Wientjes. Now for the street art part: the infamous “1up Crew” has made a huge piece on a nearby house and wrote on it: “Don’t be gentle, it’s a rental”

a street traffic sign covered in lots of stickers

this is a traffic sign in front of “Robben”. Only you can’t see which sign it was, there are so many stickers on it. Stickers seem to be a completely new form of street art now. On this sign, there is even a sticker of a sheep. and a nautilus shell!

another sign full of stickers

a backyard of a modern building, done in concrete, with a large street art poster of a human with a hat, a beard and a textured pullover

more stickers.. one of them reads Fingerboarding ruined my life

Fingerboarding ruined my life!

street art may 2018
I like this picture of my reflection in a door at Aufbau Haus at Moritzplatz. I like the dark tunnel-like passage to the backyard, too.

I went to Modulor, which is an art supplies store at Moritzplatz, to buy a travel notebook for the upcoming cycling tour. I could bind a book myself, but I think I don’t have the time now. So I just bought one. it’s a nice book though, a semikolon notebook.

At Moritzplatz, you can also find the “Prinzessinnengärten”, urban gardens that are semi-professionally organized. they have lots of gardening and art space. And they put up a banner in solidarity with La ZAD:

la ZAD solidarity banner at Prinzessinnengärten

And they have this very artful wooden fence. Lots and lots of discarded wooden planks have been put together into a very textured, sulpted wall. it’s a pleasure to look at it.

sculpted wooden wall at Prinzessinnengärten

This following picture is also taken at Kotti. I don’t know who does these calligraphy like letters, but they show up on several places in berlin. And there are always some words written around the letters, they talk about freedom.

graffiti high up at kottbusser tor

And lastly, there is this artsy fartsy spraycan face on Kottbusser Damm:

street art may 2018