Packing list (in english)


– Tent (I use a Hilleberg Nallo 3, it was expensive but it’s a fantastic tent. I love it and it never let me down.)
– Tarp (although the tent is spacious, I sometimes like to have an outdoor cooking space for bad weather conditions. I don’t like to cook over open flame in the expensive tent, also the cooking smell would stay in the tent overnight.. )
– a few patches to repair the tent (luckily I never needed them).
– sleeping mat
– sleeping bag
– footprint for the tent (we use a cheap one from the “baumarkt”)
– flashlight


– Stove and pots (we have a trangia stove and pots, I love this one very much)
– A bottle of methylated spirit (to fuel the stove)
– Spice roll (a friend made me one)
– Coffee whitener (I like coffee with milk but milk doesn’t work outdoors).
– Spoon (I don’t need any other cutlery)
– Cup
– Bowl
– Water bottles
– Pocket knife
– Coffee
– food
– “Kitchen Sink”, wich is a folding bucket that is the diameter of a CD when packed and 3 cm high. I thought I wouldn’t need it but it’s the best piece of gear ever.
– a water bag for staying overnight at a place without water, it can hold up to 10 litres, but it’s very light and small when rolled up.


– 3 of each: Underwear, Socks, Tshirts (one that you wear, one that just got washed and is drying, and one that is dry)
– 1 pullover/Cardigan
– 1 Pants
– 1 Leggings
– 1 Flannel Shirt
– 1 knitted shawl
– 1 rain pants
– 1 rain jacket
– 1 cycling pants
– needles and thread for sewing
– (waterproof) shoes

Body care and cleaning

– ghassoul
– towel
– dishtowel
– toothbrush + toothpaste + dental floss
– Qtips
– tissues
– Bodylotion (my skin dries out a lot when I’m outside all the time!)
– nail clipper

Bike stuff

– tools for simple repairs
– patches for repairing the tube
– spare tube
– lube

for fun

– ebook reader
– charging cables
– solar panel for making your own energy
– powerbank
– camera
– knitting
– swimwear
– travel notebook, pens, and watercolors

first aid

– medications
– anti-tic and mosquito spray
– antiseptic
– some plasters and first aid kit
– sunscreen
– “seam grip” glue


– money
– Passport
– Tickets
– map(s)


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