NoBuy 2020!

How did my Nobuy Year 2019 go?

My NoBuy Year 2019 is almost over. And I mostly stuck to my rules which were: No yarn, no stationery, pens and art supplies, no outdoor gear, no toiletries and bodycare products except for when I run out or something needs to be replaced.

I bought two fountain pens, which was against my rules, and I replaced a set of camping stove pots maybe a tad too soon, and recently I bought a bar of soap after I could not find the bottle of liquid soap I still had. (When I could not find it, I assumed I must have used it up). Other than that, that’s it (except for the stuff I’m forgetting right now) Ah, no – I bought a box of paper for my bookbinding hobby, although I have enough paper already.

But I bought a few other things. Like noise cancelling headphones, a (used) pressure cooker, new shoes, concert tickets, and other things like a (used) shredder (for old papers, I was doing the #Konmari thing) I replaced an old electric toothbrush with a new one and I bought a t-shirt as well. A thing I found annoying: I had konmaried my “electric komono” (sorry for the lingo, komono means “miscellaneous items”) and I had a few battery chargers. But I could not remember where I had put them. So I became certain I had thrown them away and bought one, only to find them again 2 weeks later.

Still, that is not much buying, and all in all my nobuy-year 2019 was very successful.

My goal was to reduce or even stop my “retail therapy” habit, that means, times when I would go and get myself some nice stationery or art supplies or yarn or outdoor gear to make myself feel better.

I also wanted to stop buying things that I craved because they were advertised to me in a very convincing way. I don’t mean big companies with big ads. I mean smaller companies whose stuff is just so cool and trendy and it’s permanently marketed at you via influencers: Zero Waste Gadgets like stainless steel food containers or fancy glass bottles, for example. I already have such a food container and I have enough reusable bottles, I can also just reuse a single-use glass bottle from the store if I want one.

and thirdly I wanted to use and appreciate what I have. I wanted to “shop my stash” instead of shopping in stores.

And it worked. And I want to keep going, because it made my life better!

I was even able to save some money to spend on tattoos, I got a staggering 5 tattoos this year! And I went to two nice concerts, and I did do two amazing cycling tours in 2019. I don’t feel that I have missed out on *anything* in 2019! Hooray!

No Buy Rules 2020

1st rule: Buy nothing. No art supplies for example, no stationery, clothes, yarn, fabric, books, skincare products, electronics, outdoor gear, and also no yoga subscription. Yes, radical! I love it! Instead of defining what I can’t buy, I will define what I *can* buy.

So, here are the exceptions:

things I can buy:

  • replacements for broken things I deem necessary and if I run out of anything, like bodycare products.
  • food, of course. I can buy all kinds of food and that is the one category where I don’t want to sacrifice quality for frugality. What I want to aim for is packing a lunchbox more often, instead of eating out or buying takeaway food.
  • Bike Maintenance and repairs are very important and of course I will get them, because I know a good bike mechanic and I’m very grateful I don’t have to repair stuff myself.
  • I can buy train tickets for going on holiday etc., concert tickets, and get tattooed. The nobuy year serves the purpose of not accumulating useless stuff, and it’s not about depriving me from experiencing things or doing my.. (cringe) ..”tattoo journey”. I will however have to be mindful of money in 2020 so I might cut back on concerts to save money for travelling.

Acquisition rules

  • *If* I buy something, I want to be mindful of it, and that means I want to first repair the things I have, if possible. If repairing is impossible, only then can replacing something be an option.
  • If I feel I really want and need to buy a thing, I want to wait 2 weeks at least, better 4 weeks or as long as it takes, until I decide if I want to buy it or not.
  • If possible, get things second hand.
  • I want to write down what I spend on things.

Finally, I’m curious to explore (very cautiously) minimalism in 2020. I don’t think I will ever become a minimalist, but I always was fascinated by the idea of simple living and I have always felt attracted to it.

The Best Things Are Free: A beautiful stormy sundown scene at the river with willow trees and a small campsite – a place I visited in August when we were doing a cycling tour along the Havel.

5 thoughts on “NoBuy 2020!

  1. Danke für den inspirierenden Post. Aufschreiben, was man gekauft hat, ist eine super Idee. Das würde ich auch gerne versuchen. Mir fällt es nur manchmal schwer, mich daran wirklich regelmäßig zu erinnern. Vlt. Hilft da ein “nix gekauft” Tracker im Kalender.

      • Ich bekomme nicht wirklich viele Geburtstagsgeschenke etc. weil ich am Geburtstag und an Weihnachten nie groß feiere.
        Eine liebe Freundin hat mir z.B. selbst gefärbtes Garn geschenkt, und ich bekam auch ein Buch geschenkt dieses Jahr.. Aber das größte Geschenk war, dass eine Freundin mich zu so einem richtig guten Konzert eingeladen hat. Und das war super, weil es kein Geschenk ist, das dann nur rum steht. Es war ein total schönes Erlebnis!

        Meine Eltern überweisen mir zu Geburtstag und Weihnachten einen kleinen Obolus, und den hab ich früher meistens in ein Jahresabo Ekhartyoga investiert (das ist so ein Online-Yoga-Portal, das ich echt mag) und dieses Jahr auch in ein Tattoo.

        Ich denke, wenn ich da Probleme hätte, dass ich nutzlose Dinge oder zuviel Sachen geschenkt bekäme, würde ich versuchen, die Leute von Gutscheinen oder Geldgeschenken oder Erlebnis-Geschenken zu überzeugen. Mit einer Wunschliste arbeiten ist auch eine gute Idee, dann bekommst du wenigstens etwas, das du wirklich möchtest. Ich verlinke mal hier auf weil die cool und klein sind und von Amazon unabhängig! (Ich kenne die nicht persönlich, aber ich finde Alternativen zu den “Großen” immer super und unterstützenswert.)

  2. Den Wishlephant schau ich mir an. Ich mag die Amazon Liste nicht so gerne. Leider fällt es einigen Menschen in meiner Familie schwer, nichts zu schenken. Erlebnisse find ich auch gut, aber es fällt mir nicht immer leicht, diese Termine auch noch durchzuziehen (Konzerte etc. im engeren Familienkreis gehen immer, Frühstücken und Essens-Dates mit diversen Bekannten, Freunden, Kollegen bekomme ich immer schwerer koordiniert und fühle mich inzwischen auch davon etwas gestresst. (Das ist wohl ein Luxusproblem). Schwieriges Thema… Dieses Jahr habe ich zu Weihnachten jede Menge Gutscheine von meiner Lieblingssauna bekommen. Das scheint auf jeden Fall eine gute Investition zu sein :)

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