NoBuy Year 2020 – Febuary check in

February is over and I went over my budget.

People I talked to told me that 200€ were a lot of money for a month and in my experience, that is not the case. In a month with 31 days, that’s about 6,50 per day. And if that is the budget for everything but rent and recurring bills, and has to pay for everything from food to public transport tickets to going to a café sometimes to replacing stuff that needs to be replaced… that’s not that much.

I spent 137€ on groceries, which comes to 4,72€ per day. (January was 3,80€ per day) Also I bought bus tickets in advance, for a yarn festival in Leipzig that will take place in April. They were 24€. I also spent 7€ on replacing a safety reflector vest that I somehow managed to lose, 8€ on a present, and 1,50€ on a measuring cup. The other thing I bought was vitamin supplements for 23€ total, because I’m going 90% vegan this year, after having been 90% vegetarian for the last 20 years. I never really had thought of my nutrient needs. Going vegan is a good opportunity to change that. Lastly, I spent 26€ total on food and drinks in the café where our knitting meetup is taking place and on getting falafels when I had my last tattoo session.

In the end, that made me go over my budget by 23€, but to me, my spending in February still feels very minimalist. In contrast to January, I did not buy anything but stuff that was really necessary. But I spent more on drinking coffee and eating falafel, a little more on food, a bit more on health, and the things I bought were more expensive than the used gadgets I bought in January.

So it is a tiny bit disappointing to have not bought anything, having had the shortest month of the year, and still having been unable to stick to the budget. This won’t be a problem though because I went under my tattoo budget in February and my paycheck for January was a tiny bit higher than expected.

Despite not buying anything gadget wise, I received a nice gadget as a gift: It is a sigma bike computer. One of the old fashioned ones where a sensor is installed at the front wheel and the computer counts the revolutions of the wheel per second and calculates the speed and distance of one’s ride. I used it to track my bike kilometers in February, and I did ride 304km! However, the bike computer was not programmed to recognize leap years, and it threw my total off a little.

So yay, on to March!!

Stuff I enjoyed in February:

  • Knitting
  • Cooking delicious food
  • playing table tennis with my coop mates
  • taking walks in sunny weather
  • Getting tattoos
  • using the new bike computer that I received as a gift