Hello 2020!

This is just a little diary blogpost.

a bottle of all Purpose cleaner

Today is a holiday and a day off for me. And I finally got around to cleaning my floors. Last year, during my “Zero Waste Challenge”, I set aside a bottle of vinegar and lemon peel to marinate. I finally got around to straining it and out came the most nicely smelling lemon cleaner! So I put that into a bottle and made a nice label for it.

Shaking the dust out of the rugs, sweeping the floors, mopping.. and then the mop bucket broke. It has this mop dryer where you can squeeze the water out of the mop, and is just a regular plastic bucket in an oval form. It was so old that all the plastic softener had evaporated, and just looking at it funny makes it crack.

So it was time to throw out the mop set completely – I have a scrubber-broom and I could reuse the mop’s handle for that, and I have a nice cleaning rag, and I also have a regular round bucket. That will do the job perfectly. The mop was getting old as well and it had become hard to clean with it anyway.

New year, new room – and finally some yoga again. We’re doing a little sports-along in the fediverse, people can join using the hashtag #MoveIt2020.

New years room

Apart from that, I was having a lazy day with lots of knitting, I planned on doing a review of the year 2019, but I don’t know if I’ll do that today. My bullet journal is all set up for January, and I’m very excited to do a real noBuy-Year this year.

New Years Eve was quite relaxed, there were much less fireworks than usual, and I got to spend the most stressful time comforting my cat while sitting in our tool closet. While explosion sounds usually dominate all day and the night, this year it was only loud around midnight. I’m a fan of the new fireworks mindfulness.

Also, I want to get back into my No-Sugar eating, I had taken a break from it for the holidays. Which was a good idea!

NoBuy Rule Addition

since deciding on my Nobuy Year 2020 I have made a financial plan for this year. There are two major things coming up that I need to save money for, which is my tattoo sleeve project and my 3 month sabbatical, where I will not have any income from work. If I’m sticking to my plan, I can make it all come true, but I will have a budget for eating and everything else of 200€ each month.

I also want to keep my low waste lifestyle going, and this means I have to get most of my food organic. I think 200 € per month is fine to live off, everything should work out if I don’t need a new computer, phone, washing machine, etc. I hope that all these mentioned devices will continue working well in 2020.

So my additional rule is: don’t spend more than 200€ a month for food and all other necessities, if possible.